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Desert Animal Refuge

The People Who Keep This Going

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To Our Newest Board Member!
Regina Johnson
With her Love of Animals and The
Refuge, Ambition and Ideas,
We Welcome You With High Hopes

Look here is part of the facility where the animals are held. It is also my home (your webmaster). Where is anyone? I don't know, I don't see them. I see the founder Mike every day, and some of the volenteers and comunity service worker. I don't know anything about them yet and I am not sure what I am going to do with Mike's profile yet. The rest of them. Well... Are you affiliated with Desert Animal Refuge? Why don't I know you, what do you do and where are you. You should SURLY visit our site. SO email me with your information and I will add it here. Until then scroll on down the page (I will save room for all the invisible people who might write me) and see my profile!

Hi, I am BC the Webmaster for Desert Animal Refuge. I do all of the EBay for the Refuge too. I also own the land the temporary holding facility is on. That means that all the Refuge animals live at my pad : ) and I like. I also wrote my will to give the Refuge all my property so that the Refuge animals, AND My Animals will always have a place to be. Below is a little more about me, My Pack and My Cats light on the me.
Above is the pack's yard and the door where they can go in and out of the partialy airconditioned greenhouse. Then there is the pack headed to their hill in order of rank.
Meet the Pack

Meet Miss Molly, leader of the pack. Strict and controling her days are numbered as far as leader. She is a AKC Cocker and Merle she has some beautiful babies.
This is Timber aka Timby, she was lowest in the pack and almos lost an ear to Molly. But Timber has something inside that none of my others do. Instinct. She is a 8 month old Wolf and has every intention of leading this pack, one day very soon.


Here is Max, my show quality AKC cocker he is just a happy boy all day long. He holds no rank in the pack himself. But as Molly's mate he will be second as long as she is in charge, and probably after.


Here is Roxy my newest member. Yes she is the smilling rednose pit in the side image on all the pages. I couldn't get a good picture of her outside with the pack because she is always hangdog sad out there or clinging all over me. I let her in a lot because I feel sorry for her, I don't think that helps her position. But Timber likes her, so once she is leader, Roxy's life will be much happier outside.
The pack playing on the hill.
The pack headed up thier hill in ranking order.



And the Cats who came WAY before the pack and use to live in all the house except my room. It was their house, a very smelly house so I tossed them out and they are very mad at me now. Starting on the left is my mother cat she is 5 and been with me through thick and very thin. Not going to name her or my princess long haired callico next because I would have to rate this site R if I did. Then there is Sam the Siamease who you can barely see on the table in the way back.The kittens are not mine but there is Bandit the Simease and Brother the black and white. I couldn't get a picture of my last cat, she stays in the treehouse most of the time her name is Cali.

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1. Any and all Donations are
Greatly Appreciated, please
donate When and If you can.
2. Support the weekly fund
drives, they are the bread and
water of our organization.
3. BE SURE to see what is
going on with our Block Party.
Roswell, we hope you can handle it!
4. Resources are always
in demand find out more on the
donation page.
5. Ebay is bullbeg.gif
down for a
while, so if
you want
to purchase
any of our
dog supplies,
email me
Your Webmaster is going to
hijack a page or two on this
site Althought I am One of
Roswell's 'Recovering
' Top supHOARDER', of
Abandioned and Abused
Animals. My Relm of
Exestience and Reality
Lie Just this side of Insanity
Hey! It Ran in the Family,
What can I say. And I view
My Experience with
Desert Animal Refuge
somewhat Differentl Than
Many Would. Right now One
of my paths dividedes off
into the Relm of Mystery and
Myth. If you Like You Could
Join Me on this Leg of my
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