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Desert Animal Refuge

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There are a few individuals and companies that have given above and beyond to help keep Desert Animal Refuge afloat in times of dire need. With out each of you our dream of helping all animals in need in Chaves county a place to call home if or until they find a good home of their own. This Page is Owed to all of you. 
Roswell has the Love of Desert Animal Refuge and a few particular business, individuals, and organizations have helped so very much. Our Animals and workers of the Refuge send our love and appreciation to:
  • Roswell Wal-Mart without you our Refuge would not be able to care for the animals we have.
  • Roswell Mall and the Various Stores that allow us to hold our weekly fundraisers.
  • Champion Motorsports, who has generously held fund drives for our Refuge.
  • Bush Appliance for your kind donations
  • Bullox Jewerly for you generous donations that have been used as prizes at our Special Events.
  • Travis at Desert Sun Autos Thanks for the Donation of dog food, hope to see more, hint hint :  )
  • Rowswell Livestock and Supply for all of your generous donations.
  • Pauls Vet and Farm Supply thanks for the antibiotics to fight the eye infections that the people exposed our cats to. A special thanks from the webmaster, my babies are going to be fine now. Thanks.
  • From the webmaster, Thanks to Oasis Computers and John W. Wilmink and Raulph for the Fax, I am starting to learn how to use it finally!
  • To Alva Computers, these boys are genius. Make dead puters live! You go Guys!!!
  • If you have contributed and are not mentioned I only got a fast list from Mike. I plan to add more, hopefully many many more.


This goes out to MY Loyal Supporters at EBay. YOU GUYS HAVE NEVER LET ME OR DESERT ANIMAL REFUGE DOWN. There are a few of you that My Thanks is not even Sufficient, Know that Because of your support Many animals have been Cared for with your dollars. I LOVE YOU GUYS, BC.
  • Dakota you guys gotta stop you tear me up with your generousity, that goes for all that I am naming here and some that I have not gotten to yet.
  • Loyal, your name says it all.
  • MIMI!! are you okay? Desert Animal Refuge animals are worried, okay well DAR webmaster is.
  • Erica, with out you there would be no animal paintings, you are incredible.
  • Tweetysabird although fairly new to the ongoing suport that we have received the past year through EBay, your MORE THAN GENEROUS Contributions have served many animals well. We thank all of you and Love from the Animals and Webmaster of Desert Animal Refuge! 

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1. Any and all Donations are
Greatly Appreciated, please
donate When and If you can.
2. Support the weekly fund
drives, they are the bread and
water of our organization.
3. BE SURE to see what is
going on with our Block Party.
Roswell, we hope you can handle it!
4. Resources are always
in demand find out more on the
donation page.
5. Ebay is bullbeg.gif
down for a
while, so if
you want
to purchase
any of our
dog supplies,
email me
Your Webmaster is going to
hijack a page or two on this
site Althought I am One of
Roswell's 'Recovering
' Top supHOARDER', of
Abandioned and Abused
Animals. My Relm of
Exestience and Reality
Lie Just this side of Insanity
Hey! It Ran in the Family,
What can I say. And I view
My Experience with
Desert Animal Refuge
somewhat Differentl Than
Many Would. Right now One
of my paths dividedes off
into the Relm of Mystery and
Myth. If you Like You Could
Join Me on this Leg of my
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