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Desert Animal Refuge

Our Prodjects In Progress
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Being the Webmaster Has it's Advantages! Here Is My 'PET' PRODJECT First! 
Before Desert Animal Refuge Can Save The Cats of Chaves county, we have to be in compliance with the codes which state that all Shelter animals MUST be contained. I have plans to build about a 1/2 acer inclosed area so Desert Animal Refuge can start taking in cats again. Here is my sloppy blueprint. Will Get a better one on soon. I am saving 2 acers to expand the (and yes I am calling my facilty this) Cat House in the future. I need financial donations, and donations of lumber, fencing, concrete, and wire, which if you have materials you can email me at for directions to drop them off. For financial assistance donate through the paypal link below or send donations made out to Desert Animal Refuge #4 Krenzell, Dexter NM 88230 but at the bottom of the check please STATE that it is FOR THE CAT HOUSE or just for Cats if you don't want that on your check : )


Donations For

Mike's 'Pet' Project, the PUPPY PLAYGROUND and housing facility.
I want to add some information about this prodject. This is Mike's plans and doings but it is also my dream of how a no-kill facility can manage animals in the best way possible. Some of the animals we get are vicious and in no way could they be put in with other animals, so they have to be penned seperatly, until or if they can be socialized. Dogs are very social, and when there is limited human companionship (WE GIVE EACH OF OUR ANIMALS SPECIAL TIME TWICE DAILY but still) they thrive on being a part of a pack. If you see my profile on who keeps this going you will see I keep my own animals in a pack and it is one where 2 cockers, a pit and a wolf are all fine with eachother. This puppy playground will give all of the puppies that come in the ability to be socialized and never have to be penned seperatly. Not only will they have us as thier family if they are never adopted but they will have eachother 24/7. Brilliant WTG MIKE!!!  To donate to his structure please just use the standard paypal donation on the footer. If you want it to go specifically to the Puppy Playground, just add that with your comment. 


When constructed this Puppy Playground will be 3/4 an acer with room to expand up to 2 acers.

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1. Any and all Donations are
Greatly Appreciated, please
donate When and If you can.
2. Support the weekly fund
drives, they are the bread and
water of our organization.
3. BE SURE to see what is
going on with our Block Party.
Roswell, we hope you can handle it!
4. Resources are always
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5. Ebay is bullbeg.gif
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while, so if
you want
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any of our
dog supplies,
email me
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