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Desert Animal Refuge

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Hi! From Everyone at the Refuge here in Roswell NM, Alien Capitol of the World!
1. Your Webmaster Has Finally Hijacked The Pages. Click The Link At The Middle of The Footer On Any Page For A Little Excitement, And A Lot Of Information, I will Also Be Hiding Clues To Upcoming Events That I am Not Supose To Until It Gets Closer To the Time of The Events, So Check Back OFTEN!!!
2. Our Weekly Fund Drives at Various Roswell Locations Will NOW BE HOLDING Exciting EVENTS! CHECK OUR CALANDAR PAGE, I will Update ASAP.
3. THE SITE IS ALMOST COMPLETE!!!! I Will Be Doing The Meta Tags and Placing Our Site On The Search Engines WITHIN the NEXT 2 DAYS!!!!
Sadly Desert Animal Refuge will no longer be able to take in Cats, until we have our new 'Cat House' Facility up and running. Any and all Cats pictured on our web page are my personal pets.
A Brief Introduction:
Desert Animal Refuge was Founded around four years ago by a hard working man named Mike Morrow, and to my understanding he use to get paid for his labor.
Mike decided to open an Animal Refuge where any unwanted, neglected, or homeless animal could find the care, shelter, medical attention and love they deserved.
Desert Animal Refuge is a No Kill Shelter, with a spay/nueter policie that is upheld even though the Refuge is responsible for 100% of Veteranairan cost. As of yet not one has agreed to work pro-bono. But our hopes are high.
Mike's Refuge takes in animals that would be put down for no good reasons, there are a few almost miricle cases. Take the brindle Pit featured not only on the web image, but also on E-Bay. Shelters here, and around the nation have a NO PIT Policy, well that crazy silly puppy would have had 2 strikes against him, not only was he mostly full pit, but the first time Mike met him, he almost bit off Mike's nose.  But at Desert Animal Refuge even the bitters have a right to live.
But this has been a rough road Mike decided to go down. Weekly fund drives are not bringing in the kind of money it takes to run the Refuge. Donations of food are pretty reliable but he has kept the Refuge going with out any funding from Federal, State, or Private Foundations.

By Desert Animal Refuge
  • A Grant Writer Taking this possition would place you in the position of royalty at Desert Animal Refuge. You would be hailed, admired and catered to.
  • Sponsors  Our sponsors would be very valued and not only would their fufillment come from knowing they are helping a very worthwhile cause, but also helping their community in whole.
  • Donations  Badly Needed!
  • A Pro-Bono Veteranarian  Please Doctors, we need at least one of you Badly.

For any of the above contact Mike Morrow at 505-317-9140 or e-mail Please Help!

On this site you can find out what the Refuge is doing for the Animals, Community, and Humanity.
You can also find out what you can do.
PLEASE Help if You Can,
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1. Any and all Donations are
Greatly Appreciated, please
donate When and If you can.
2. Support the weekly fund
drives, they are the bread and
water of our organization.
3. BE SURE to see what is
going on with our Block Party.
Roswell, we hope you can handle it!
4. Resources are always
in demand find out more on the
donation page.
5. Ebay is bullbeg.gif
down for a
while, so if
you want
to purchase
any of our
dog supplies,
email me
Your Webmaster is going to
hijack a page or two on this
site Althought I am One of
Roswell's 'Recovering
' Top supHOARDER', of
Abandioned and Abused
Animals. My Relm of
Exestience and Reality
Lie Just this side of Insanity
Hey! It Ran in the Family,
What can I say. And I view
My Experience with
Desert Animal Refuge
somewhat Differentl Than
Many Would. Right now One
of my paths dividedes off
into the Relm of Mystery and
Myth. If you Like You Could
Join Me on this Leg of my
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