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What Hides in the Sun with The Animals

Mythical Beings?

Come. Sit. It is almost dusk and we won't be bothered now. They seem to only like the daylight.
Now don't get the wrong idea. It isn't like I don't want to prove my theory true. I just want quiet while I tell.
First What Makes Fact compared to Fiction or Myth?As a resident of Roswell, I all too well know what does not make fact when you are dealing with something unreconized in the scientific community.
Pictures do not equal fact. Eyewitness do not equal fact, even if they are solid citiziens with no reason to lie. Evidence seems to not even make fact.
Now if you were a convict on trial, all it takes to make fact is one wittness to point and say ''yes that is him, I 'SAW' him do it". Quite the contrary to what makes fact other than court I think. So, I must consider my tale 'Myth'.


Shh.. now, here let me show you. If you're like me you will need these Sunglasses. It is far too bright out here in the New Mexico desert with out them. I will provide them for you when needed be sure to look through them.
REMEMBER, follow all links in the order they are presented to you. OR You Will Not Make It THROUGH to the end!
I must add one more thing before we move on. In all experiments or trials to prove anything there must be no outside variables that might cause indiscresions in the trials.
I might be a variable, as I have been in the sun no more than 30 hours in the last15 years. You could say I have an adversion to sunlight, which just might affect the results of my findings.
Look, it's starting to Storm, come with me and let us seek shelter and knowledge within the confines which I am comfortable. Where the line between fact and fiction is very fine indeed. Let us search my file of computer data, graphics, and pictures to see if we can find the answer to the question. What hides in the sun with the animals. Something elusive does. In fact I beleive it is many Somethings.
First we must travel through the storm to get to my place. Let me warn you, you might see creatures that have escaped the confines of my files, but pay no attention, they are not what we are looking for. Come. Just tap once on my Crystal Ball, and we will be off. M8>  


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Okay I am going to approach the plea for donations in my own way. The cuddly begging doggie isn't pulling his weight.
Check this, no matter where you are from, if you are traveling through Chaves County, New Mexico with your beloved pet. If you stop for an iced capicino and your pet some how escapes and is lost in our desert, your irreplaceable companion's chances of survival could be directly related to Desert Animal Refuge's survival. HELP WE ARE DYING!!!!